Makeup tips for women over 50

We all women really disappoint when concern comes to our age. Not only women all men also worried about their age.  Most women yearning to look beautiful at what age they are in. We all know our skin appearance also change as we become older. Whatever it is we all want to look younger than our age. Once you look at your face on mirror and found your skin looks dull it discourages you to take any audacious attempt and pessimist you. These kinds of problems have solutions but never end. It’s all about how you take care of your skin.

make up tips

If you are really yearning to look younger at age over 50. We have lots of beauty tips and Make up tips how you could look amazing at your age. Always remember age is nothing but it’s a number. It s depends on how diligently your work on your skin. The thing which matters you how you make up and apply it on your skin to hide your imperfections. Here are 15 best makeup tips we are going to share with you to look perfect at your age over 50.

Best Makeup tips and tricks for women over age 50

Primer for face which gives radiance look.

As we age, we lose our radiance or glow on skin which defy our age. To get back your radiance a women must start with base. Applying makeup primers not only smooth the skin surface but also enduring your makeup look. While applying it not only gives radiance but also gives luminosity. Use always good brands of products so your primer must be long lasting to your makeup. Apply primer on your face evenly. Remember a primer should lightweight, oil free and should be infused with hydra dated ingredients which make your skin more smooth and supple.

Apply concealer under your eye

After skin radiance, dark circles under your eyes show the signs of aging. To correct this apply concealer under eye to cover dark circles. Concealer is generally thick and noticeable the wrinkled surface. Use luminescence products because the skin under eyes is so delicate.

Make your brows prominent

As we getting older our brows also stop growing and becomes grays. This would be avoidable once you shape your brows with Brows pencil. Take the pencil and draw over your brows and make sure to highlight it as possible throughout your brush.

Work on lips with lip gloss

Lips also get chapped as we getting old, so work on it. Lip gloss makes your lips glossy, luster and also softens your lips too.


Apply some color on cheeks

Blush your cheeks with applying some colors it brighten up your cheeks. Choose always liquid based or cream blush to the apples of your cheeks so that it instantly gives shimmer on face. Evenly spread with brush on your apples of cheeks and blend it outwards of opposite of your brush.

Highlight your specific spots

Once we getting older some specific part of your face also look dull and lose its glow. To maintain you need to highlight these specific area to brighten up and get back your glow on that parts. Use highlighter over your face, nose, and brow bones through brush. 

Enhance your eyes with eye make up

 Your eyes become drowsy once your age crosses over 50. Try to avoid shimmering and dark eye shadows which makes your eyes appear smaller and drowsier. The best way to enhance your eyes use light weight colored shadows which make your eyes bigger and make you younger.

Work on  your lashes

Curl your eyelashes with Curler. This way you can make your eyes bigger and brighten up your eyes.

Always use pencil liners

Once you over 50, Liquid eyeliners may look unkind on adult or mature skin. So best is use pencil liner.  Draw soft lines through pencil and smudge through your brush.

Highlight with Illuminators

Illuminators are not only for young Ladies but also for mature women over age 50. Highlight your cheek bones, nose tip, jaw line, neck line with Illuminator so to look younger. Illuminator comes in varieties of form like Illuminating lotions, Creams, pens to highlight your face. It really helps you to give youthful appearance.

Natural Look

Makeup is really helps to hide your age but too many products applying on face will decrease your charm .So try to use light products and keep it as natural to cover up your age

Blend the makeup well

Blending is foremost process, no matter how many products you apply on face but unless until you don’t blend the make up evenly it gives a very odd look. So whatever products you are using try to blend it well so it doesn’t look as painted.

Take care of your teeth

Your teeth also defy your age. Your teeth only need a little bit care. Healthy teeth makes you feel good and try to keep them in shape .If you are addicted with too much caffeine and wine please try to lessen it as much you can to keep them white and strong.

Beauty sleep

In whatever age you might be all should need a good night sleep .A healthy sleep release stress and gives charms on your face. Tired eyes give dark circle under your eyes and create puffiness. So for ladies whose age is over 50 always take good night sleep.

A good smile

Always gives a good smile so no make will require. There are lots of benefits you will get through your sweet smile. It reduces stress, improve your mood swing, lessen your stress, live a longer life.  Last but not the least No makeup beats your smile.




This is all about your make up tips which you need over age 50. To look younger, you have to take care of your skin. Try to do some yoga and exercise in morning and evening also help you to give youthful looks. There are lots of yoga Asanas and Pranayma which circulates your blood and brighten up your skin.  These above motioned make up tips will definitely helpful to you, if you persist. Drink plenty of water which boost and hydrate your skin. Hope this article helps all women and over age 50 to how to hide your imperfections. If you found any queries related to your beauty regime please let us know will definitely try to post for you.














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