Woman over 50 with long hairLong Hair: Not Just For 20-Something’s Anymore!

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Every single time I hear this debate going on regarding the topic of long hair on older women, I think back on women I have known in my life who had long hair well past middle age. There were actually three of them. They were important and prominent women in my life. It’s funny when I think about it in light of this topic, because these were women who were stereotypical – the prim and proper ‘Marion Librarian’ sort who made you wonder what went on behind closed doors! Amazingly, two of these women I knew were librarians, and the third was a teacher and a musician. All three of these women wore their hair back in the old-fashioned sort of upsweep…completely traditional and casually elegant, yet inherently practical. Absolutely fantastic.

Today, long hair on older women is a lot more likely to include all types of styles, from curly to straight, colored to frosted to natural gray or silver. (A shout out to Woman’s World for their article Long Hair, Don’t Care: How to Rock Lengthy Locks After 50.)

There are plenty of long hair tips for women over 50, but I say if you want long hair, go for it. Here are some more post-50 hair articles:

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