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What Women Know About Fashion Agony

Yeah, fashion hurts. We recognize it, we accept it, and we don’t really talk about it because we don’t really care! As grown up girls we are taught that it’s ok – that fashion agony is normal and beauty is pain. But as we age our bodies begin to change and our figures start to shift in a totally natural manner. Our older, wiser selves start to think those once accepted elements of discomfort aren’t acceptable any longer.

Suddenly somewhere in the deep recesses of our minds, we begin to wonder what in the Sam Hill we are doing this for!

Common Sense Fashion Choices

When it comes to clothing and shoes, common sense should reign. Things to look out for:

  • Stuff that fits without binding – tight waistbands can actually cause abdominal pain.
  • Shoes that look like they belong to women with a single toe not only hurt, but can cause real foot conditions like corns, calluses and bunions.
  • And the heels? Stilettos? Death to healthy feet in the form of hammer toes, ligament tears or fractures.
  • Not to mention Purses from hell that can cause real back and neck pain.

Fashion hurts infographicFinally we get to the point of admitting that if fashion hurts, it’s no good. If we could only teach this to our daughters, and to the people designing fashions for baby boomer women… (who are they again?)

A great Fashion Hurts infographic by Everyday Health demonstrates some of the ways we tolerate fashion agony. Much of the fashion discomfort we experience seems – well – silly, frankly. Not that we don’t want to be as pulled together with our wardrobes, or don’t want to feel and look as beautiful as we always have, it just has more to do with comfort.

We want to hear from you – what kind of fashion pain have you experienced, and what have you done about it?

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